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BidUnity is a free cloud based configure-price-quote software for glazing contractors and their suppliers.

Unparalleled Bidding Efficiency

Start by choosing systems and configuring elevations. BidUnity optimizes takeoffs, gets pricing from multiple vendors, and organizes everything for your review. Add overhead, specify margins, and choose a format for your proposal, done.

Email the proposal with submittals, elevation drawings, door schedules, SOVs, and more--the paperwork is done. You'll also have detailed budgets, material lists, optimized cut lists, and everything else needed to deliver on your proposal.

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BidUnity simplifies estimating by separating it into three distinct parts.

First is system configuration, where the technical details of constructing a complete system are recorded. BidUnity lets you define all the rules in advance to ensure that proposals are based on the technically correct assembly of systems.

Second is identifying the scope of work. You simply identify which types of work to include on your proposal, select those systems, and add elevations at their specific sizes, configurations, and quantities. BidUnity provides tools like structural analysis and uses the system's predefined configuration to make sure the system can be built in the way that it is designed.

Third is finalizing your budgets. BidUnity takes off everything by the scope of work and puts together pricing based on all available vendors. You review, make selections, and choose the format of your proposal.

Powerful Configuration Framework

BidUnity will extend the functionality of estimating software beyond its current definition. In our opinion, tracking time and progress will become an essential component of estimating software in the future; BidUnity's form of technology is required to get there.

Best practices dictate tracking the time to complete work and updating production rates for future bidding. The problem with best practices is that too many variables influence productivity.

One of our ambitions is to enable BidUnity to enhance the predictive accuracy of your labor estimates. It will take a lot of data and maybe even a few years before a machine can become helpful in this area, but we are building the technology to make estimating more accurate than humanly possible.